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Introducing The Smowcode Studio

Programmer Friendly

Smowcode Studio frees you from the unessential tasks by packing all required tools and keeping them handy for quick control of your logical program.

IoT ready

Easy to use IoT libraries provide a seamless flow of data between the Smowboard and the Internet. The boards have built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in them.

Ready to use hardware

Smowboards embed all basic hardware features to enable fast prototyping and deployment.

Application cook book

Pick from a range of program recipes(examples) to test application possibilities and play around with our Studio.

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Smowcode Projects

What Our Users Have to Say

"Very easy to setup and use the Smowcode Studio!"
Mr. Shashank Mathur
Founder of Metx Robotics.
"The Smowcode Software is very easy to use. It doesn't take much time developing logics for projects using it"
Mr. Nitesh Gupta
R&D Engineer, Robokart.