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System Requirements: Windows x64

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Smow is a graphical language, thus no complexities. The studio makes all controls of your code handy to you. Seamlessly connect nodes, configure them and upload to the Smowboard.

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Smowcode Studio uploads codes into a Smowboard. You can use the board to build circuits for your projects. It can communicate with sensors and actuators to run actions coded on the studio. The studio only supports Smowboards distributed by Smowcode.

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Scale your codes to big hardware applications in no time. The Action (Event) based Flow architecture of the Smow language gives it an edge over text languages. Smow combines advantanges of graphical as well text language to become a hybrid.

Smowcode is optimized for hardware and prioritizes code performance and reliability. Make applications ranging from indoor light control to on field machine control keeping performance intact using Smow.