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An industry-grade visual coding for ESP32 & MSPM0+ micro-controllers, free for non-commercial users, without coding restrictions or payments.

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You will hate Smowcode if

You needlessly love wasting company's money on writing 1000s of lines of Codes


You want to occupy your weekends to match project targets


You don't care about your time


You enjoy cryptic black screen errors


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Advanced Mode

Seamlessly explore advanced settings of your nodes & check definitions of libraries to fine tune your applications. (no fees)

Create Libraries

Smowcode’s Team has high energy & technical soundness. We work with them to get made BLE apps faster.

Easy To Use

Only craft your logic on the canvas and by just one click, deploy this logic in your ESP32.

Faster Coding!

Smowcode streamlines the process of coding by enabling users to complete days' worth of coding tasks in just minutes.

Intact Performance

While you code in minutes, the code performance doesnt drop and stays intact. We test execution & response times.

No extra RAM & Flash Usage

Smowcode uses just enough RAM to deploy your code & requires no fixed firmware or bootloader.

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"Can’t believe we made the application so fast in 15 days of placing the order. Great team support."

Ador Powertron Ltd.

High-Energy and Technical Proficiency

"Smowcode’s Team has high energy & technical soundness. We work with them to get made BLE apps faster."

Napino Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd

Rapid Prodigy

"Smowcode is sooo fast. I am 17 years old & I made 25+ Embedded System & IoT projects in a month."

Electronics Students, Bhagubhai Polytechnic

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